Increased Payloads

The world’s lightest tipping cylinders providing increased payload and so increased operating profits.

Faster Tipping Speeds

One-piece tube construction and increased tube contact faces allow faster tipping speeds.

Increased Lift & Side Load Capacity

Advanced design and production engineering techniques, including laser welding, provide increased lift capacity and side load resistance. Base tube head section increased by as much as 53%.


  • Double lip wiper seal ensures efficient lubrication of each tube and prevents contamination of the cylinder.
  • Unique 5 point sealing system reduces friction for years of smooth, trouble-free operation.
  • Wear rings made from non-metallic, acetal material provide low friction and long service life.
  • One-piece tubes with large stop contact faces provide optimum durability for long life and reduced maintenance.
  1. Friction welded tube assembly increases strength and fatigue life.
  2. Unique clip and seal arrangement provides long life and ensures easy servicing.
  3. Brass slider reduces risk of scoring and damage due to side load.


C Series Technology 10/2015
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